Learning to cook with a flair
   About 20 of us went to Matthew's Restaurant to sit under the tutilege of Executive Chef Alex and created a menu of Roasted Vegetable Pot Pie, Crispy Skin Salmon and Asparagus with Sherry Cream Sauce (a famous Matthew's institution).  It was phenomenal!  Check out our FB group page to see photos of the event.
    Remember to look for & support your fellow PALMS members at the Mayo Cafe (the staff cafeteria) as they sell raffle tickets for fabulous baskets to fund bikes, trikes, & helmets for the Children's Christmas Party of Jacksonville.  They'll be there 10:30am-1:30pm the first two weeks of December! 

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Chung-Hae Casler
Topping off the asparagus with the special Sherry Creme Sauce.
Mike Wallace doesn't let an arm injury deter him from cooking with his wife, Claudia.