"Great time in St. Augustine"
Even someone who had grown up in Jacksonville, going back to several generations, said that she learned something new.

Gary Sass from Adlib Tours led a fun, informative tour, both during the bus ride down and while walking around the non-touristy areas of the historical town.

We finished by having an amazing lunch at Michael's Tasting Room on Cuna St.  Normally open only for dinner, they opened for lunch and prepared a special luncheon for us.  It was a memorable final educational event for the 2015-16 PALMS year! 

Thanks to Andreea Chirila and Mimi Dinh for setting this up.
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Chung-Hae Casler
Group shot with Gary at Visitors' Center, St. Augustine
The day was splendid, the route was uncrowded, the tour was interesting -- all in all a great outing!