We've already had a very successful Welcome Coffee and Fall event at the Fantasy Farms -- a practically unknown treasure of fun right on Roscoe Road!  Many thanks to all those who worked hard to make these events possible.

    We've also made and served our monthly meals at the Gabriel House of Care beginning September.  Please contact Laura Kusumoto if you haven't gotten involved in this worthy effort and you'd like to contribute.

    Look for & support your fellow PALMS members at the Mayo Cafe (the staff cafeteria) as they sell raffle tickets for fabulous baskets to fund bikes, trikes, & helmets for the Children's Christmas Party of Jacksonville.  They'll be there 10:30am-1:30pm the first two weeks of December! 

    Click here to see upcoming
events this year!
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Chung-Hae Casler
Bryan Neel presents an overview of staff benefits at the Welcome Coffee.